Propolis DEFEND Honey Spray



Meet your ultimate body armor in a bottle!  Made with a mixture of propolis, manuka honey, and our mushroom trilogy, it is a combination of natures most powerful ingredients in a convenient spray.  The smooth peppermint and honey aftertaste leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Loved by kids and adults, it is a great family immunity booster for travel, change of seasons, school and everyday life.


  • Manuka Honey: Natures most powerful honey.  With more antiviral and antibacterial properties than any other honey, it is world renowned for its immune boosting benefits.
  • Propolis:  Propolis means “Protection for the City” and is used by bees to boost the health of the hive. For humans, it is one of natures most powerful defenses.
  • Mushroom Stack:
    • Lions Mane- Superfood for your brain
    • Chaga- Highest antioxidant source on the planet
    • Reishi– Anti-inflammatory and promotes healing


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