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Key Benefits:

  • SAMe has been used as primary or adjunctive therapy in patients suffering from physical and mental fatigue and depression.
  • Methylation support is suggested when an elevated norepinephrine/epinephrine ratio is reported.

Additional Information:

  • The SAMe is high quality, sourced in Italy; the form is known “in the industry” as S,S S-adenosylmethionine tosylate disulfate. SAMe is considered the body’s primary methyl donor, but other methyl donors are also included: Trimethylglycine (TMG or Betaine) and methylcobalamin, together with folic acid and P5P.
  • Methylation is needed in many biochemical processes in the body. In Communication System Management, a significant methylation step occurs in the conversion of norepinephrine to epinephrine. When norepinephrine is elevated and epinephrine is low, additional methylation support may be required.
  • Another important methylation reaction is in the conversion of the intermediate, N-acetylserotonin into melatonin. In other words, to be able to change serotonin into melatonin for a good night’s sleep, a methyl donor is required. It is well-known that proper methylation is consistently required for the homocysteine cycle to function correctly. Elevations in homocysteine are toxic to the brain as well as the rest of the body. SAMe is involved in preventing homocysteine elevations.
  • MethylMax may be used in conjunction with Prolent as well as with protocols that address the catecholamine pathway.
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