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A safe and effective method of supplying the body with ​natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly through the bloodstream. Nutrient IVs are similar to those found at your local hospital. These natural nutrient infusions are administered using a small IV (intravenous) injection. This method ensures that all nutrients are absorbed at the cellular level to enhance your ​energy level, improve your overall mood, and help prevent future health conditions caused by stress, poor nutrition, and dehydration. While it is safe and standardized, it is a medicinal practice that is frequently misunderstood and has developed numerous misconceptions and myths.

High Quality IV Therapy

At Optimal Medicine, we offer the highest quality IV Therapy to best fit your health needs and benefits.  IV Therapy has been a proven treatment in contributing toward recovery, hydration, and detoxification of cells while promoting anti-aging.   

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IV Vitamin Therapy

Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine

Fountain of Youth



Anti-aging formula that rejuvenates cells and rids the body of free radicals. Detoxify your liver and brighten your skin for a more youthful appearance. Contains glutathione, magnesium chloride, calcium gluconate, B vitamins, & high dose vitamin C.

PRICE: $250

Natural Defense



This formula is a natural immune boost with a high dose of vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Contains magnesium chloride, calcium gluconate, B vitamin complex & high dose vitamin C.

PRICE: $195

Rise and Shine



This hydration formula is designed to optimize cellular hydration and is known to reduce headaches and stop feelings of fatigue or exhaustion. The perfect cure for a hangover and a quick recovery from dehydration.

PRICE: $160

Chelation Therapy



Chelation is one of the most powerful therapies when assessing the removal of heavy metals and toxins throughout the body. It drastically improves circulation, and blood flow by the cleasne and detoxification of the blood.

PRICE: $200

The Executive



Promotes mental clarity and focus during work hours and beyond. This formula brings an added boost to the mind powering humanity's most important asset, the brain.

PRICE: $150

Slim and Trim



Increase energy, process fats efficiently making weight loss easier.

PRICE: $190
The Benefits of IV Nutrition

Group Events

From sporting events to wedding parties,
experience group event IV sessions made for everyone.

Athletic Events

Hydration is essential when it comes to being an athlete and participating in any type of endurance event.  Make sure you are hydrating properly, as IV therapies are also great for replenishing fluids before and after your sporting event!

Vacations and Activities

What is a trip to Central Oregon when you are not going to enjoy the outdoors.  Take part in activities such as swimming, running, and hiking, in the spring – summer, and skiing, and snowboarding in the winter  What swimming, running, and biking is to a Bend spring/summer, skiing, snowboarding, and hiking is to the fall/winter. Make sure that you and everyone else is hydrated and feeling amazing for what’s ahead!

Special Occasions

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, or big event, we are happy to help you and others get ready or recover from a great time!

What Is Intravenous Nutritional Therapy and What Is Used For?

As part of the approach to holism and wellness, Opitmal Medicine offers another source to improve your physical and mental health. This includes intravenous therapies for a wide variety of conditions.


  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain
  • Digestive Disorders – Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease, or any type of condition where absorption is impaired.
  • Acute or chronic asthma
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Infection
  • Wellness conditions for preventive or treatment purposes- vitality, longevity, viral recovery, jet lag, competitive physical or mental peak.including prevention of colds and flu during flu season.
  • Depression, mood swings, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Withdrawal – from legal and illicit substances, or from psychiatric medications



Prior to receiving any of these therapies, a physical history will need to be completed to determine if intravenous vitamin/nutrient replenishment is safe for you.

This history will include a risk assessment, medications you are currently taking, and certain disease states that would need consideration prior to infusion therapy.

Safety is of utmost importance always. We take your vitals before and after the infusion, use only staff trained in intravenous infusions and monitor you during your session. Sometimes, we may make a recommendation for blood work or other testing prior to an infusion.


IV Vitamin Therapy

Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine

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