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Live Life Abundant, Live Life Vibrant, Live Life Optimal.

Optimal Medicine is an alternative, holistic medicine practice, with a purpose to help inspire people of all walks of life, to find their greatest selves through attaining optimal health.  We believe that to find your greatest self, is to live life optimal, and with the proper approach guided by good medical practice, you can return to the greatest form of wealth being your own health.

Optimal Medicine in Redmond, Oregon

Here at Optimal Medicine in Redmond, Oregon, our mission is to provide a holistic natural approach, combined with the latest technological, telemedicine provider, and medical advances to reverse the aging process and restore optimal health. The combined result of our approach helps you achieve greater levels of energy, fitness, muscle mass, strength, and sexual vitality while living a long healthy life. 

Our hormone replacement therapy programs are the foundation for restoring harmony and balance in the body and brain, which creates a sense of well-being while reversing the signs of aging. Restoring hormones to their optimal levels prevents weight gain, exhaustion, depression, insomnia, hot flashes, and decline in sexual arousal and desire. 

For our athletic patients who wish to optimize their energy and strength, we offer several therapies to help achieve your fitness goals, including peptides for optimal recovery and the prevention of physical injuries.  We also offer a variety of medicinal-grade supplements and vitamins. 

Our Team

Meet the people enlightening the vision to live life optimal with Optimal Medicine. 

Leah Sullivan

Medical Provider, FNP-BC

Leah Sullivan is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine currently serving as the Medical Provider for Optimal Medicine. 

Leah graduated Summa Cum Laude from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelors’s Degree in Nursing Science, she then went on to earn her Masters’s Degree in Family Practice from UCLA in 2015, where she contributed to several research studies including sleep disorders treatments and Fibromyalgia management. 

The following six years were spent serving as the Primary Care Provider at a high-volume clinic in Los Angeles County, where Leah used a holistic approach to treat patients with chronic and acute illness, which helped them achieve optimal wellness and vitality through a combination of medicine and preventative care.

Inspired by the beauty and lifestyle of Central Oregon, Leah relocated to Bend. The move afforded her the opportunity to further her passion for achieving a higher quality of life for her patients through a combination of lifestyle modifications, hormone replacement therapy, and a variety of cutting-edge approaches to aging well.

 Leah’s personal passions include traveling, hiking, and biking the Oregon trails, instructing yoga classes, participating in Crossfit, and volunteering in her community as a CASA advocate. 

Karen Galatea comes from 25 years in Hi-Tech sales with extensive expertise in researching and connecting the highest quality products and customized solutions. She has an accomplished track record of driving sales to some of the largest companies in the world, integrating her knowledge, experience, and passion for health into Optimal Medicine.  

Known for her ability to connect with customers across markets and provide tailored solutions to their needs, Karen’s personal skills and business sense with the unique ability to explain the benefits of highly complex technologies in easy-to-understand terms, is now translated into Optimal Medicine’s core values creating a high touch patient experience.

Combining these vast skill sets, it is Karen’s passion to utilize her experience in an evolving world of technology and innovation, in health, to better make an impact on people in the greatest way possible.

Karen Galatea


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